Fonterra will continue to pay farmers forced to stop milking and dry off their cows, in the aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle. The aftermath of the storm continues to prevent milk tankers from picking up milk on their farms. Earlier some farmers were forced to dump milk, when they could not keep it cool and maintain food safety standards, after the cyclone caused power cuts, and milk tankers could not reach farms. Cows that could not be milked needed to be dried off to avoid the likes of mastitis if not milked for long periods. A Fonterra spokesperson says it is terms of supply setting out the rules of payment to farmers in such circumstances. Because Fonterra had to instruct a farmer to dispose of milk, or dry off cows, appropriate compensation will be made. Fonterra works out the rolling average monthly earnings for a farm over the past three years, and pays the farmer the equivalent every month for the rest of season.