More than 50,000 metric tonnes of overseas pork was imported into New Zealand during 2022, most of it from countries that allow pig farming practices that are illegal in New Zealand. NZPork chief executive Brent Kleiss says that almost two thirds of the pork consumed in New Zealand comes from overseas but there is no requirement for that product to meet our animal welfare standards. The highest volume of pork came from Spain, at 11,450 metric tonnes. The second highest volume was from Germany, with 11,158 Metric Tonnes followed by Poland with Canada , Finland and the USA. Brent Kleiss is frustrated that all of the European countries, except Sweden, plus Canada, routinely confine sows in gestation stalls for the first four weeks of their pregnancy. These stalls are banned in New Zealand. Brent Kleiss is asking for a fair go so that all imported pork is required to meet our high standards. The Pork Industry is urging all Kiwis to back New Zealand pig farmers and look for the 100% NZ Pork label so you know you’re getting a cut above the rest.