New Zealand is losing its way in the fight to protect the health of lakes and rivers, says Fish & Game New Zealand. Chief executive of Fish & Game New Zealand, a qualified freshwater ecologist Corina Jordan says the latest report on the state of freshwater in New Zealand paints a damning picture. She says Fish & Game staff and volunteers are devastated at the continuing decline of our freshwater and the impact that is having on many of our freshwater fish, waterfowl, and their habitats, along with the ability for people to enjoy these environments. Corina Jordan says all New Zealand is effectively doing is monitoring the decline in freshwater when in fact we need to be taking meaningful action to make a difference. She suggests part of the solution are catchment community efforts and farming leaders building resilient farming landscapes. New Zealand also needs to invest in preserving and creating wetlands to provide a buffering function for the environment . They can also play a role in addressing climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and filter greenhouse gasses.