One Hawke’s Bay farmer reckons he has lost about $2 million in infrastructure during Cyclone Gabrielle. Paul Harris of Tūtira in the east of Hawke’s Bay, calculates 100km of fences were lost to flooding and slips, as well as stock crossings and water systems .. and feels his farm will never be the same again as he will only be able to put back only about 60km of fencing. Tens of thousands of kilometers of fences were wiped out in the devastating mid-February storm at a total repair cost of many hundreds of millions. According to farmers fencing insurance is expensive and rural insurer FMG says most farmers do not insure their fences as they generally see the risk of significant damage to their fences as being low and choose not to take cover. MPI has received more than 4500 applications and nearly 2900 grants have been approved for payment, totaling $32.7m. You can help through a $20 donation to the Post Your Support campaign where fence posts and wire can be donated to needy farmers. Post your Support is supported by Fed Farmers Farmlands and Stuff.