Overhauling greenhouse gas emissions management and resource management rules are among the top priorities Federated Farmers wants to see from political parties at this year’s election. The lobby group has released a “rural roadmap” which it says will be essential to restore farmer confidence in New Zealand’s next government. The farm vote has attracted renewed interest this election with speculation that a resurgent ACT Party is going to make inroads into what has traditionally been National’s stronghold. Federated Farmers President Wayne Langford said ACT policies raised interest amongst farmers as ACT’s position on rural matters differed from other parties.
Wayne Langford says Fed Farmers has been working with National and ACT on developing their farming policies. Federated Farmers’ roadmap featured 12 policy priorities, including demands for approving the use of technology that aided methane reduction, enabling farmers to build water storage easily, allowing young farmers to access their KiwiSaver to buy a first farm or herd, a review of methane targets, a rethink of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), a rethink of the ETS forestry rules and the country’s net-zero target, scrapping the ute tax, decentralisation of power, a change to fresh water rules and a Resource Management Act reform. He says this needs to be done to restore farmer confidence, support thriving rural communities, improve environmental outcomes and unlock the potential of our primary sector.