The New Zealand pipfruit crop is estimated to be down 21% on the original January crop prediction, resulting in a volume of 16.1 million tray cartons. The Gisborne crop is still being calculated. Central Otago and Nelson/Tasman by contrast have good growing and harvest conditions, and are on track to meet forecast crop expectations. But on the East Coast, there is a clear distinction between blocks that have been severely affected by the storm, and blocks that were untouched. For unaffected blocks, the remaining crop harvest is well underway, and conditions for the remaining harvest period look good. However, as a result of the storm, the Hawke’s Bay pipfruit crop is down by 33% – a reduction of 4.3 million Tray Cartons in the Hawke’s Bay region. While the overall New Zealand crop is down, what is there is still top quality.