With the Coronation of King Charles III just hours away there is a feeling that the new King may be the most Kiwi monarch we’ve seen. Monarchy New Zealand chair Dr Sean Palmer describes Charles as innovative, outdoorsy and someone who cares about preserving the natural world. He’s interested in farming practices and championing the use of something New Zealand has in abundance: wool. He is patron of the Campaign for Wool and wool will be used in virtually every part of the coronation this weekend. The 6000 military, naval and airforce personnel from the UK and Commonwealth will wear uniforms made from 15 miles of wool uniform fabric. There will be formal dress, regalia and vestments, red carpets, hassocks and altar cloths, wool-filled saddles and blankets, all crafted in sustainable wools from across the Commonwealth and of course New Zealand. Monarchy NZ says 70 years as the Queen’s understudy has given Charles plenty of time to work towards the type of monarch he wants to be – and one that aligns with many things important to New Zealanders.