Insurance claims from Cyclone Gabrielle have surpassed $1 billion in Hawke’s Bay. The latest data from the Insurance Council of New Zealand shows there have been 18,526 Cyclone Gabrielle-related claims made in Hawke’s Bay for a value of $1,065,860,000 or nearly two-thirds of total claims across the entire country from the cyclone, of nearly $1.7 billion. Insurers have so far paid out $2.053b of the $3.5b in claims made for climate disasters at the start of the year, including the Auckland Anniversary weekend floods and extreme weather in the North Island between February 21 and 28 and May 9 to 10. In Hawke’s Bay, there have been 5183 claims for houses, 4982 contents claims, 4347 business claims, 3717 motor vehicle claims, 163 claims in the other category, 67 crops claims and 67 marine claims.