The Central Hawkes Bay charity Collective Hug is busier than ever. It was set up after the drought two years ago .. and kept going through another drought in 2021 and then in turn the worst flood in Hawkes Bay history this year. … Collective Hug was born via a Facebook page and now that hug is encircling Central Hawke’s Bay once again. Group Operator Diana Greer says the idea really started when she offered to bake a couple of fruitcakes and then it grew like Topsy. Now there are two big freezers of frozen meals, freezer friendly baking. There are donations of food, ingredients and money collected from around the district so the group will keep going for as long as they are needed. Diana thinks she will still be providing for Hawkes Bay people in isolation next Summer. Diana says the reaction from those in distress makes all the hours of work and organisation worthwhile.