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NZ Dairy Brands launches "Go Milk" health product range

Christchurch-based New Zealand Dairy Brands is claiming world leadership in the production of milk powder -based health products with the launch of its powder-based Go Milk drinks.

Sold in single-serve sachets in powder form, Dairy Brand says the product is ideal for school lunches, outdoors work, outdoors, holiday homes and a large number of other applications, as you only need to add water to produce a 97% pure, milk drink.

A trial export shipment of Go Milk has already been sent to China and the product is also destined for the Australian market.

The range has no added sugar, is low-fat, and has a low glycaemic loading, making it suitable for diabetics and dieters fighting obesity.

After over a year in testing, Go Milk has been approved by the Canterbury District Health Board’s Diabetes Research team as suitable for use by diabetics.

Pelorus Sound protest at 1080 poison drop (1)

Owners of the Tira Ora wildlife sanctuary in the Pelorus Sound have gained more than 700 signatures on their petition against a scheduled 1080 drop near the property.

Tira Ora Estate co-owners Annebeth Riles and Tony Broad say their has attracted signatures from people throughout New Zealand and other countries.

The group is campaigning for the Department of Conservation to move the 1080 drop line away from their property to prevent the poison from entering waterways.

Residents, guests, volunteers and animals rely on the waterways for drinking water at the sanctuary.

Annabeth Riles said she received an email from Picton DOC ranger Frank Rosie agreeing to observe a ‘no-fly zone' over the Tira Ora Estate property – but moving the boundary for the 1080 drop would not be conducive to successful operations.

No date had been set for the Pelorus Sounds drop, which is expected to happen after the school holidays in October.


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Manawatu herd-monitoring app shortlisted for global award

A Manawatu-developed smartphone app could see dairy farmers spending more time on smartphones and less time in paddocks.

The Grass2Milk app developed by theOneFarm Centre of Excellence - a joint venture by Massey and Lincoln universities with funding from DairyNZ and the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Based on research by retired Massey University researcher Ian Brookes, the app lets farmers enter herd and daily feed information, calculate the total stock energy intake and compare it to the requirements to create optimal calving conditions.

The Grass2Milk app was shortlisted in the environmental category of the 2014 World Summit Award mobile competition.

OneFarm senior research officer Liz Dooley said the organisation - funded by - was looking to develop other apps that will assist farmers to manage irrigation and other livestock.

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Sheep linked to Southland sediment problems

Scientific research has uncovered sheep, not dairy cows, as the main cause for sediment problems in some Southland estuaries.

Scientists from AgResearch, Niwa and DairyNZ have done sediment fingerprinting studies to discover which land use has caused the most sediment in the estuaries.

Water quality scientist Max Gibbs says the results were surprising.

The expectation was that with the huge increase in dairy farms, there would be a big dairy fingerprint on the sediment.

However, because sheep had been so predominant during the past 100 years, their signature was far larger.

Gibbs says the finding that most sediment is coming from sheep does not mean there’s no need to worry about dairy.

The reason sheep have a larger sediment footprint is because they have dominated the Southland landscape for more than 100 years, whereas dairy is the new land-use kid on the block.

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Theileria outbreak in Gisborne

Another outbreak of the cattle disease Theileria has been detected in the Gisborne district.

East Coast Farm Vets’ Andrew Cribb confirmed two cases of the cattle infection from a strain of the parasite Theileria orientalis, called Ikeda this week.

Cribb said the two confirmed cases were identified near Gisborne, but the disease will be spreading in the region because of the increased amount of cattle trading that has gone on between districts in recent years.

A Ministry for Primary Industries report for August shows five confirmed cases of the disease in the area from Tikitiki to Nuhaka, with four of them in beef cattle and one in a drystock unit.

Currently, 9 herds being reported each week.

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Dog killing disease outbreak in Taumaranui

A killer dog disease is on the rise in Taumarunui and owners are being urged to take precautions.

Totally Vets senior clinician Carin De Groot warns dog owners that Taumarunui is in the middle of a wave of Parvovirus.

Two hot spots for the disease have been identified, Matapuna and Lairdvale.

The clinic has seen five cases of the disease in puppies of various ages in the last three weeks.

Normally clinics would only see 2 to 3 cases a year.

Parvovirus disease occurs in unvaccinated dogs, mostly in pups between four weeks and one year.

Severe diarrhoea and vomiting are features of the illness. Animals become very sick overnight, dehydrate quickly and die.

Dogs can sometimes survive Pavovirus with intra-venous fluids and medication, as long as they are over about eight weeks of age.

Sick dogs shed large amounts of the virus in their faeces to spread the infection to other dogs.

The virus can survive in the ground for a year or longer.

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