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Asia's growing taste for New Zealand cheese is driving Fonterra to increase its capacity to process milk into cheese products.    Managing director of global operations Robert Spurway says  over the past year the company has grown its capacity for UHT milk, instant quick frozen mozzarella, cream cheese, and a cheese slice plant.    The mozzarella, is primarily for pizza toppings and Fonterra is seeing demand from right across Asia, including China.    NZ Mozzarella cheese tops  300 million pizzas in China each year and that number is  growing.

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New Zealand and South Korean scientists will soon be able to identify the compounds that give deer antler velvet its immune-boosting properties.    If successful, it will allow velvet extracts to be sold with a precise measure of the active ingredients they contain. Deer Industry New Zealand’s Dan Coup says Velvet’s reputation as a health tonic goes back 1000 years and it is still widely used in Korea and China but these days, government regulators and consumers everywhere want any claims made for medicines and tonics to be supported by scientific evidence.

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Unification of the bee industry under a single organisation has taken another step with the setting up of an interim governance board. The two beekeeper bodies and honey packers and exporters voted overwhelmingly this week to join forces.   John Hartnell of Federated Farmers Bee Industry Group says the interim board will continue planning for a new industry organisation with a new structure, rules and constitution.    The aim is to have a final unification proposal for the bee industry to vote on next year.

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NZ food exporters supplying top end branded products to China are now going to find it more challenging. Massey Agribusiness Professor Hamish Gow says those supplying commodities or ingredients will have to put up with flat prices for the next few years, as Chinese consumers choose discounted food products over higher priced imported brands.    Professor Gow says China cutting back on milk powder imports triggered the slump in world dairy prices and log prices have fallen again for the same reason and with reduced demand from China being a major factor in falling sheepmeat prices as well.

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More than 3,300 farmers have voted at the halfway stage of the  2015 Sheepmeat and Beef Levy Referendum.      Beef + Lamb New Zealand Chairman James Parsons says the one in five  turnout is pleasing with two weeks before voting closes on September 10.     James  Parsons says it’s important the Beef n Lamb has a strong mandate to continue its activities on behalf of farmers.    The 53 referendum information meetings will be completed this week with over 600 farmers turning out to hear what the organisation is planning over the next six years.    Farmers should have their voting packs and if you haven’t  call 0800 233 352 or online at

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A rural health body says increased government funding for mental health initiatives is a good start, but a lot more is needed.  A $500,000 funding boost for workshops on mental health issues, and to boost the number of volunteers working with rural support trusts was announced this week with the The Rural Health Alliance working work with the Ministry of Health to run workshops around the country, which are aimed at increasing the skills of doctors, nurses and pharmacists working in rural areas, as well as farm consultants and stock agents.    Chief executive Michelle Thompson says a key focus for the 40 workshops is screening patients for suicide risk and those affected by the low dairy payout  or  who've been hit by the recent adverse weather events."

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Wireless Nation


Get faster Rural Broadband with Wireless Nation

Internet access is crucial for rural communities, not just for running their farms and businesses but also providing ways for people to keep in touch.

Unfortunately rural broadband speeds and reliability in New Zealand, for the most part, has been quite poor.

Our Satellite Broadband network is fast and reliable and can already offer speeds of up to 10Mbps download. It’s modern and futureproofed so when faster speeds become available we’ll be able to offer them, in fact in Europe you can already get satellite speeds of up to 25Mbps at an affordable price!

Due to its location (it’s much closer to New Zealand than competing networks) the Optus D2 Satellite is less prone to rain fade, storms and other weather conditions. It also has a high look angle which means it is unlikely to be affected by tall trees, hills or buildings.

It’s available almost anywhere in the country (basically if you can get SKY TV you can get our satellite service).

We’ve overcome previous limitations of satellite by using smart data acceleration and caching technology which leaves users with a smooth and fast browsing experience.

According to TrueNet’s recent March-May speed test result for rural internet usage, satellite consistently outperformed traditional copper ADSL connectivity.

TrueNet is an independent organisation who have partnered with The Commerce Commission to measure broadband performance in peoples' homes.

Wireless Nation’s technical director Tom Linn says he is pleased the study offers demonstrable evidence of satellite’s advantages.

"We have known for a long time that satellite speeds are better in rural areas, so it’s great to have a study that proves this.”

If you’re a PGG Wrightson member or an ASB Rural customer, we have special deals so you get even greater value on your rural broadband. We also provide RBI (Fixed Wireless) at competitive prices.

But don’t just take our word for it, find what our customers have to say about us!

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Wireless Nation

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Hawke's Bay Royal A&P Show

Hawke's Bay Royal A&P Show

Hawke's Bay Showgrounds  (Hawke's Bay)

Hawke’s Bay A&P Society are delighted to host the Royal A&P Show, New Zealand from Wednesday 21 – Friday 23 October 2015 in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay as part of ‘Hawke’s Bay on Show’.
The Royal A&P Show is the premier Agricultural Show in New Zealand.

The 2015 Royal Show will be a modern A&P Show grounded on strong livestock competition, national entries, classic A&P features and a place for town and country to come together in celebration of rural life in New Zealand.

More info: