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The Government is consulting on new National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry.

It says the current system for environmental regulation of forestry is complex and confusing, with thousands of different rules across New Zealand’s 78 regional and district councils.

Associate Primary Industries Minister Jo Goodhew says the proposed national standard will simplify the rules and save the forestry industry millions in compliance costs.

But, how much difference will it make to farm forestry and small-scale forest growing operations?

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The United States Dairy Exporters Council sees little prospect of a dairy produce price recovery this year.

It says despites the fall in prices, the global milk supply increased by about 2 percent in April and May, and the world doesn’t need that kind of milk production growth.

In the first five months of the year, China’s imports - on a milk-equivalent basis - were down 38 percent from last year.

China’s powder stocks are still plentiful, and its own milk production is reportedly up about 4 percent this year.

The US Council says Russia remains out of the market – and has just voted to extend its ban on European Union, Australian, and US dairy products for another year.

New Zealand will be testing the global market overnight, with another major auction, and we’ll report the outcome in our next edition of the Daily Report.

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New Zealand Federated Farmers President, Dr William Rolleston has been elected Vice President of the World Farmers Organisation at its General Assembly in Milan.

Dr Rolleston says the World Farmers Organisation is a growing voice on the international stage with the objective of developing policies which favour and support farmers' causes in developed and developing countries around the world.

He says it’s important for New Zealand’s voice to be heard in this context.

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The pressure is mounting for both the Alliance Group and Silver Fern Farms to examine the risks and benefits of merging their meat processing operations.

Former Meat Board chairman Jeff Grant and rural accountant Gaye Cowie are seeking support from 5 percent of Alliance shareholders to call a special meeting for shareholders to consider a resolution seeking a full analysis of the potential benefits and risks of an Alliance-Silver Fern merger.

It’s the same resolution that a group of Silver Fern Farms shareholders, led by Allan Richardson and John Cochrane, are promoting for consideration at special meeting of their co-operative.

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The Government is stepping up its support for flood recovery in the lower North Island.

The state of emergency has been lifted in Taranaki, but remains in force in Wanganui.

Around 80 percent of the roads in hardest hit areas have been affected but many of them are now fully open or, at least, accessible by four wheel drive vehicles.

The Minister for Social Development has just signed off a total of $500,000 to keep a Task Force Green unit in the flood zones through till Spring to help farmers deal with storm damage that can’t be tacked now because of the extremely wet conditions.

Housing New Zealand says it will help find longer-term accommodation for people unable to return to their homes, regardless of whether they’re existing HNZ tenants.

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Sightseers are disrupting the clean-up effort following the record-breaking floods in the Wanganui district.

Wanganui District Council says many sightseers are ignoring “road closed” signs and getting themselves into trouble.

He says farmers in the area are getting “peed off” with people knocking at the door, asking them for a tractor to pull their cars out of the mire.

On the plus side, the council reports that 85 percent of the rural roads closed by the floods have now been re-opened … although some of them are only partially open to four-wheel drive traffic.

Helicopter flights to deliver food and medical supplies to some isolated areas in the region are still continuing.

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Marketing to the Rural Sector Conference

Marketing to the Rural Sector Conference

Crowne Plaza  (Auckland)

The Marketing to the Rural Sector Conference is back again. Last year this event attracted well over 100 delegates and is gaining a reputation of being a must-attend event for marketers marketing to the rural sector. Some of the highly rated past speakers are back and we have Kim Skidum-Reid from Australia, to speak on sponsorship as a marketing strategy; brought to you by NZX Agri. Attend this conference to get some fresh insights and hear case studies from industry leaders with stories worth sharing.

More info: